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Richard Faber


Richard is an old friend of the band. He's 'really' an acoustic guitar player, but was recruited for the bass slot.
It was a good choice.

Damn, that's boring!!!! Once Richard gets back from Europe I'm going to make him write something about his trip for you! He does things!... he's an interesting guy!... I shall attempt to get him to entertain you.

Richard's favorite bookmarks are:
The Pixies
People say we sound Pixiesish... okay!
Velvet Underground... go see.
Music and Poetry of Leonard Cohen
and the
Egad! More Rheos... they must be good!

Richard says this photo looks like it was taken by a scubadiving papperazzi with a giant telephoto lens from a mile away.
Ahhh... the price of stardom!

I think this photo is funny so I'm leaving it up!!! Haha!!!!!!!!!!!! J.

"Why can't they leave me alone!"

WOW!!! Look! Richard playing bass at a Sajes Myned show! This is the "It's A Secret" show that we have so many photos of...

"hey... I never noticed THAT on the wall before.... "

Here are a couple photos I took of Richard last night! I love this digital camera!!!!!!!!!!!

" *** Oh shit... isn't she finished YET???...*** "

Can you tell how much he was enjoying having his photo taken????

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