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How to pronounce this most difficult looking name:

"Sajes Myned rhymes with pages lined, stages blind & gauges find!"

It's really very easy, you see!

Sajes Definitions:

Sajes Myned (sa/jes mind/) 1. n. A religious sect of Central Asia that worships logic and small spotted lizards. 2. n. A desire for or a psychological dependence on Paprika and Jalapeņo peppers (also some other members of the pepper family). 3. v. To blow a large hole in a concrete wall with an exploding banana. [ { Welsh mynd go ]
[All of this is complete bullshit! We could tell you the true meaning of Sajes Myned but then we'd have to kill you.]

Sajes Myned bits & pieces:

This is the center of the Universe!  Honest... ask anyone here! Sajes Myned is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Which ( for the geographically impaired) is on
the west coast of North America,
just above the U.S. border.

The band was formed in 1991 by Steve Simpson & Joanne Howard

"Phsycojazzfolkbluespunkrock with dynamic vocals and beaucoup de emotion."

Comparisons to the Pixies, Garbage, Cranberries, hole and STP among others. ( Not that Sajes' sounds like any other group, just that comparisons are always made!)

"Sajes Myned's live show is not to be missed! The band is incredible. Bizzare stage clothes and a dedication to make each show interesting and unique, creates a show you can't look away from." The band firmly believes that if you aren't going to put effort and every bit of talent into a live performance, then you just shouldn't go on! Better to be nothing than bad.

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Hey! You can't smoke in here... you'll make the screen all brown.




Damn papperazzi!  Why won't they leave me alone!




the unknown drummer!


Back to the Sajes welcome page! Please come and see our show! Read these lyrics... they're interesting. We would really like to give you our music! If you sign the guestbook... I will visit you. Confidentially, this is where you can leave me your address. You can also read my strange online diary. Listen to these .wav files... this page is about music you know! Joski's online diary

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