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Music & Lyrics by Steve Simpson
All rights reserved/copyright 1999 (from Salt)


Everything ends at once,
Unreborn, I await the new beginnings.
To see the newest incarnation of myself
As reflected by you,
if you're still here.

Messed up like a car crash
waiting for night
to pick up, and pack up, and start again...
start again...

Certain only of not being quite right
but wanting you... and needing you...
and hoping I haven't fucked this up too.

I'm so sorry I can't kiss your gentle lips
It's the expectation...
and no matter how beautiful you are...
I can't love myself enough to love you.
and honestly I know...
you deserve better than me.


scrape out small pieces
like icecream and sunshine
and shirts on children and Sunday mornings.
and hating myself and hoping that there's someone...
who doesn't.


I stand perfectly still
and hope unnoticed.

Life passes me by
and I can ride it's back...

and I can ride
it's back.





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