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Music & Lyrics by Steve Simpson
All rights reserved/copyright 1997


Kiss my swollen lips
I know you love me like this
Push your fingers on the bruises
They're yours as much as mine

Beating you is everything
Unless you're beating me
Hit me in the face
So no-one can look me in the eyes except you

Everything is easier this way
Everything is easier this way
I know exactly where I stand when I'm crawling at your feet

I kiss these walls that hold me
'Cause I love to know just where I am
I love the floor against my face
'Cause I know that I'm down as far as I can go

Everything is easier this way
Everything is easier this way
Everything is black and white
Everything is clear between
you and me


NOTE: This song was written after Steve saw a beautiful woman Christmas shopping... with two black eyes... it was just a day or two before Christmas and she was obviously seriously ashamed and depressed at being 'seen'... abused women often are. I wonder how the bastard who hit her was feeling that day? Shitty, I hope. But then he'd probably just hit her again... it's ALWAYS HER FAULT isn't it?

I just wanted to tell you this little story... not because I'm 'sending you a message' but because people always assume I have something to do with these things Steve writes about! I have never been beaten! If any guy got in a FIRST shot he'd better HOPE I was knocked UNCONCIOUS!!!!! I do not have a 'victim' mentality!



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